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'Doing You Well'

Day Intensives

Doing You Well
One Day Intensive


A full or half-day of intense, one-on-one coaching with me. A full day intensive is 10a - 5p and a half-day intensive is 10a - 2p.

Extensive, thought-provoking, and transformative work (without overwhelming you).

Our session will be custom-crafted just for you and catered to your specific needs (per your pre-work assignment) so you can start seeing your desired results.

You'll also get a customized personal road map (with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan) and clarity on your pathway to success.


You choose what you want to work on and the day will be focused entirely on you and getting you to your goal. And if you can't decide, I'll help guide you through our pre-session phone conference.


Imagine waking up the next day and finally having clarity and the blueprint needed to live your best life ever!


Our day will be broken down into 2 —