My Current Projects

Listed below are two books I'm currently working on. Outside of my work as a women's mindset coach and writing personal development and transformational courses, writing realistic fiction and children's books will always be my most rewarding forms of writing as they allow me to use my unlimited imagination. Join me as I bring these characters to life!

The Roots of Roswell

Beautiful, smart, and successful - Gia Bennett has a life any woman would envy. Growing up in the south (black and privileged) in the 70's and 80's, she lives a life most people dream of. The perfect upbringing, a beautiful family, a successful career, influence in the community, and access to anything she could ever want. But being rich and successful, doesn't guarantee you'll never suffer tragedy. This poignant coming of age book will capture your attention from beginning to end.

Penelope P. Reed -

and the "P" stands for . . .

Penelope P. Reed, a precocious little nine year old from Cricket Falls, Texas, has a wild imagination that sometimes gets her in big trouble. Join Penelope and her colorful gang of neighborhood friends, as they go hunting for adventure throughout the small town of Cricket Falls. Find out what's next on their list.  

*Stay tuned for upcoming excerpts.*



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