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Hi! I'm Michell (without an e on the end). Jesus addict, a native of the Kingdom, former wife of a preacher man, retired SAHM, grandma to Parker Elizabeth and Leo Alexander (!!), minister, two-time published author, certified professional life coach, life vision strategist, owner and CEO of Your Voice Copywriting Agency, creator of the "Doing You Well" Signature Program system™, writer, mentor, teacher, encourager, sower of good seeds, advocate, seeker of knowledge, hater of injustice, humanitarian, lover of family and life, an admirer of the arts, a devotee of dance (I'm sure it's the 38% Nigerian that makes up my DNA), hostess with the mostest, lover of (insightful conversation, mellifluous music, and a finger-lickin' good meal), Carolina girl, southern belle at heart, keeping my childlike wonder, and... living out the second half of my life like it's golden!! (and that's just scratching the surface!)

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I'll attempt to tell you (almost) everything about myself, why I do what I do, and how I can help you on your journey to uncover the real you!  

I'm your personal and professional coach, all wrapped up in one (with over 25 years of experience.) My primary focus is mindset work. Offering online 1:1 mindset coaching programs, products. and live interactive transformational retreats. I've got a caring and listening ear, but I won't let you wallow in your pity party. I'm sweet as syrup (I get that from my momma), but I can spot BS (bologna slices) a mile away. We all know that only keeps you stuck. I'm an optimistic realist who believes anyone can create anything if they have the right mindset. I love to have fun, but when it's time to get serious, I know how to get the job done. I don't like wasting your time. I'd much rather get to the root of the problem, so we can solve it and move on to the next task. And I'm committed to sharing with you the knowledge and Godly wisdom I've gained over the years. The perfect combination of empathy and straightforwardness. Confidential and professional. And I'm not afraid to get in the trenches with you. I'll be there (holding your hand ... if needed) until you have successfully completed the taskBut if you want me to stick around afterward, I can do that as well.


I'm an ordained minister with 25 plus years of ministerial experience, who's seen her share of the good, bad, and ugly parts of ministry. But thank God the good has always outweighed the bad and ugly. And in the process, I learned many lessons. I was married to my former husband for a little over 33 years (we're still great friends, btw). Over 25 of those years were spent working together in full-time ministry. During that time, we pioneered ministries in Michigan, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. We have three adult children—Kerington, Joel, and Blake,  and a son-in-law (Allyn). We're also the proud grandparents to two of the best grand babies ever—Parker Elizabeth and Leo Alexander.

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L-R (Son-in-law-Allyn, Son-Blake, Former husband-Todd, Daughter-Kerington, Son-Joel, Me)

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Granddaughter-Parker Elizabeth

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Grandson - Leo Alexander

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